Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Call Me!

So I got a cell phone here. While it's really expensive for me to call home, you guys can call me for pretty cheap if you download Skype (It's free to download and an AMAZING program to talk to people internationally) or get a calling card!!! My phone doesn't take voicemails but I'll leave it on as much as I can and I am 5 hours ahead of NY (I'm usually up until midnight or so).

My number is 011 229 98 71 47 21
Dial just that and you'll reach me!

I really hope i get to hear from some people soon! Miss you all. Post more when there isn't a huge line!


Aunt Linda said...

It was so great to see you arrived and already started posting. I called and read everything to grandma & grandpa. You are missed and are in our prayers. Grandma wants me to read her each time there is a new entry, she said it made her feel close to you.We love you!

Bob Lynch said...

Glad you arrived safely and are a little "settled in". Understand that you ar with a host family, and will be so for several weeks. Nancy and I had a delightful weedend with your parents in Sag Harbor. They were in great spirits aand seemed to enjoy the visit.

Michele said...

Hi Catherine!
I am glad to hear that you are settling in. I thought of you on the 4th when you were leaving. Everyone here at CFCK is thinking of you. I wrote down you number because my computer at home has Skype on it because I use that with my webcam to talk to my parents. So I will definitely try to get a hold of you. I will try to remember that you are 5 hours ahead. Take care of yourself and stay safe.
Love, Michele

Caity said...

hey cat!! Tweed here. I finally came to your blog and checked it out--that's SO so so amazing that you are in Africa already. I know you must still be homesick and maybe not liking it 100% but you should definitely stick with it. I'm gonna see if I can download Skype and try to talk to you (your pho9ne number is the longest number I've ever heard of) and if that doesn't pan out, I'm looking forward to writing you! snail mail is the best. don't fret because we all love you back home and we are wishing for the best for you...keep posting! I love reading what you wrote and it makes me feel super cool that I have a friend in Africa haha :)

Aunt Beth said...

Hi Catherine....We all miss lots of "poopies". We were so happy to hear you are with a nice host family. Grandma has been filling me in as she speaks with you mom. I'm still working on that care package - I promise you'll get one. We love you and are so proud of you! God Bless!!!!

Aunt Nancy said...

Hi Catherine,
It really sticks in my craw that Aunt Bet and Aunt Linda wrote you before me. Your blog is easy to navigate, I shouldn't have been intimidated. Your mom and dad are keeping me posted on your happenings. Your days sound pretty exciting. I heard you even went to a Benin wedding. How cool is that?! I want to hear all about it. How are you doing with the language? I guess when you start dreaming in French you'll be all set. Don't forget to find out where the best safari spots are so we can have some fun on my 50th. HOPEFULLY! Now that I have your number I will call soon, I promise. Till then, as always, know that you are loved and missed terribly. Be safe.

Love, Aunt Nancy xx