Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just some pictures!!

First you have 2 pictures of the women's group in Kpodaha pounding Moringa into powder and cooking it...then you have the girls at the School in Hoedogli

Progression of thanksgiving dinner...backwards


Maman et Papa said...

Nice pictures. You look great.
(I found out that if you want to post pictures in a certain way you need to post the ones you want to "see" last first and progress from there until the picture you want to "see" first is the last picture you enter.)
Talk to you soon,
Love you!!

Catherine said...

Like the sorta "before and after" pictures of the turkey, poor Mr. Gobbles!
Miss ya!

Uncle BigMike said...

We all should have to fix our chickens that way.Catch it kill it dee feather it gut it and then cook