Sunday, July 26, 2009

By the Way...

I am putting up a picture of the girls with their diplomas. I meant to write this in the other post and then just got distracted with my marriage proposal story. Thank you to everyone for being so supportive of me--from prayers, to thoughts and well-wishes-- after my accident...from family to friends, colleagues, and the cherries...I really appreciate it.

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Maman et Papa said...

It has been several weeks now since that dreadful Sunday morning when my cell phone rang and Mom said it was you. She then exclaimed that you had been in an accident and the line went dead. For the next hour we were frantic to try and get you again on the line. What went through our thoughts you cannot imagine. It was after an hour or so trying to get the Peace Corps Benin Headquarters that we decided enough of this, let’s call your “Maman and Papa.” I explained the situation to “Papa” and he said he would call us back as soon as possible. Within ten minutes he called back and stated that you were okay, nothing broken, but major scrapes and bruises. I returned the call a few minutes later to thank them for what they did: give us peace of mind to a point; and your Maman exclaimed that it was “nothing, after all she is your Maman.”
So here we are now in the present. Why we have not entered anything into your blog is mainly due to the fact we have spoken to you so often and told you all the thing we could have written, except maybe for a couple of small items. These I will now tell you here:
First my darling, you did not yet turn to go to your flight gate after your short visit home that I wanted to jump over the barrier, run and grab you and keep you from going back to Benin. Looking back to that now, maybe I should have done it but I knew you would not be happy; you needed to go back and fulfill your commitment. Let it be known that it was harder this time then on July 1st, 2008.
Second, and believe me when I say this, I WANT YOU HOME NOW! (Who else will go overnight with me on our beloved boat). I do not want you to spend another minute in a country were it seems you are not appreciated for all you and the Peace Corps are trying to do. I exclaim this so that you know how much we miss you. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, I know what you are doing is something very special. It’s something that your heart beckons you to do and accomplish. For this we continue to be so proud of you and I realize that my selfish thought for you to come home is really because you are so far and I am not able to be physically there in your time of need. The telephone just does not cut it when I know you hurt.
Third: In a week you will be reaching the half-way point of your journey. When it started, we used to tell our friends it’s a twenty seven month journey. With a little luck it could be less. You are at the threshold of your fourteenth month. “Soon” you will be coming home; as the past year has flown by, especially the last eight weeks.
Will you be coming home now? Only you can answer that question. We all know you are intelligent and a determined woman. You have many aspirations for the future. What will these be? Will they bring you home or will you begin that proverbial new chapter in your life which will lead you to another realm? Time is on our side for now. The path you will be choosing, I know, will be a good one. You have always chosen the right path and for that we continue to be so proud of you. I know a few more marriage proposals will be coming your way but let them know that they need to go by me before you can make a decision.
Kidding aside my dear Catherine, continue to know how much we love and support you. Whatever you decide; come home now or in a few months, what you have done in the past year 99.9999999999% of the people have not done in a life time. So stand tall and be proud of your accomplishments. Coming home now or later will not deter that effort!